Add-On Treatments


An add-on treatment designed to soothe irritability, reduce internal body heat + nourish the heart.

A cooling mask made of Indian sandalwood powder, rose hip oil and organic Aloe Vera is applied to your chest + shoulders and removed with a rosewater towel.

Can be added on to any service

| $15 |


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Karna Purana | Ear Oil

A classic Ayurvedic therapy for the ears, Karna Purana (poorana) is an integral part of a healthy Ayurveda lifestyle. It is where warm herbal oil is gently dripped into the ears followed by a massage of the jaw and scalp.

Karna Purana is best for Vata Imbalances:

  • TMJ

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Headaches

  • Dizzyness + Vertigo

Other benefits include:

  • Improves hearing

  • Strengthens the bones in the ear

  • Prevents neck stiffness

Add Karna Purana to any session for $10

Nasya | Sinus Treatment 

Breathe Better. Feel Better. Live Better. 

Nasya (nah-see-yuh) is the Ayurvedic practice of lubricating the nasal passages using a special herb infused oil + pressure relieving massage techniques of the head.

The sister of the famed Neti Pot, Nasya is a subtle and effective treatment that soothes dryness, clears congestion, reduces sinus inflammation and flushes accumulated allergens from the head.

Nasya includes: 

Lavender + Eucalyptus steam therapy 

A few drops of warm herb infused oil administered into each nostril

Add Nasya to any session for $10


CBD Massage Oil

Organic, locally sourced CBD oil (500 mg) used throughout your massage for added pain, and anxiety relief. 

Add CBD oil to any session for $25