Day 1 | Preparation is the key to success


Day 1 is all about building a relentless foundation for your reset success.

This is you’re day to:

  1. Start loosening the knots of your most tightly drawn habits

  2. Un-clutter your schedule

  3. Go grocery shopping

  4. Make your first batch of kitchari

The Literal Logistics:

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you typically do

  • Cut your morning coffee/caffeine dose in half

  • Choose a vegetarian option for breakfast and lunch

  • Re-arrange/cancel extraneous social, work, and physical activities

  • Prepare + Eat Kitchari for dinner

  • Go over your reset booklet

  • Make your mantra cards for Day 2 + 3

  • Take 1 triphala tab at bedtime

  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal

Mental + Emotional Preparation:


The truth? Cleanses are not easy. But they do get less scary and challenging with time and practice.

It’s ok to mourn your favorite lunch, your evening glass of wine and every other ritual you’re consciously releasing this week. Say a loving goodbye to them today, but don’t linger there too long.

‘Cause babe, it’s time to boss up!

This cleanse is real, this cleanse is happening, this cleanse is REALLY HAPPENING. No dilly dallying, no excuses. You’re in, you’re committed, you’re seeing this to the end.

And this day…this is your day to set it up right.


Now on to the grocery store!