Day 4 | I have everything I need


| Day 4 |

Day 4 + 5 Mantra: I have everything I need

Today we change our mantra to one of acknowledging abundance.

When it comes to cleanses we often get caught up on what we “can’t” have. By now, I am hoping you are starting to feel the fullness of what this lifestyle can offer you and how it can enhance your overall experience.

One of the permeating energies of this Fall season is harvest! We see it everywhere - the plethora of sweet potatoes at the farmers market, the bounty of pumpkins and mums, and the opulence of color all around. This season is a reflection of how we are continuously taken care of by nature. We plant a seed, it grows into food. We plant a tree, it grows into shade. We sow love into our community, we get love back. We feed ourselves with good, wholesome food, we get health in return. And so it goes, forever and ever.

This is the time to revel in the abundance and beauty that surrounds us at every turn. The secret to living an abundantly full life is all about your mindset. When we look at our life and tally all of the things we lack, we blind ourselves to true wealth. This mantra is designed to help us focus on what we HAVE, rather than what we are lacking. It will also help you remember to pack your lunch, make sure your fridge is still stocked and kitchari still cooked. : )

You’re more than half way through this week! Keep it up the good work!

One of my fave artists - Trevor Hall - put this mantra to a catchy tune, making it impossible to forget. Enjoy!