Day 6 | Thank you

As we near the end of this journey together, we will change our mantra one last time to a very simple, well known one:

Thank you.


I acknowledge that this experience has been unique to every single one of you. Each one of you has had successes and failures on this cleanse. Some of you learned lessons you didn’t think you would during this time.

Thank you for your commitment to learn about yourself.

Tomorrow, we will shift back towards what is more familiar. So today, we start on the path of reflection.

  1. What practices have you learned that you will continue weaving in to your life moving forward?

  2. Which ones are you ready to release?

  3. What has been the most challenging part of this experience?

  4. What was easier than you thought?

  5. If you could do one thing differently next time, what would it be?