Day 7 | Integrate + Celebrate!



You did it! This is the final day of your Ayurveda Fall Reset.

I am SO proud of you for sticking this out to the end!

Today, you will begin integrating back to your regular lifestyle. That said, if you’re feeling good, you are more than welcome to keep going with this cleanse! (I recommend no longer than 2 weeks.)

The only thing that will truly change today is dinner. You will keep the daily schedule and everything else, as is.

Eat a vegetarian lunch, and when dinner comes - opt for something vegetable heavy with the addition of eggs, grilled chicken, or fish.


Though tempting, DO NOT jump right into eating something heavily cheesy, or fried. Trust me, your guts will thank you! Also, save the caffeine and glass of wine for tomorrow. It’s better to ease your digestive system back to your normal eating habits, than pummel it with heavy things.

I truly hope you all learned something valuable to take with you into this next season.


  1. The daily routine and Ayurvedic rituals are applicable to your everyday life beyond this experience!

  2. You can continue taking the triphala until you run out.

  3. A shortened 3-day version of this cleanse is helpful at any point when you are feeling like you need a reset!

  4. You’re a kick ass human who can do anything you set your mind to!

    It was an absolute honor to lead you through this experience, and I can’t wait to hear about your experiences in the comments!