Day 2 | Right now, it's like this...


Welcome to day 2 of your Ayurvedic Fall Reset!

Hopefully, you spent yesterday preparing for the days ahead and your pantry is stocked with yummy foods to eat because, it’s your time to shine!

This is you’re day to:

  1. Embrace the fullness of this cleanse!

  2. Integrate the Ayurvedic daily routines into YOUR routine | Tongue scraping, neti/nasya, and dry brush/abhyanga (self-massage)

  3. Stick “Right now, it’s like this” mantra cards in your top 3 most seen places | ex: bathroom mirror, fridge, car dash, office computer

The Literal Logistics:

  • Wake up between 6am-6:30am | *no later than 7a

  • Eat breakfast between 7a-9a

  • Eat lunch between 11a-1p

  • Eat dinner between 4p-6p | *If that’s not possible, eat lighter as the time gets later

  • Take 2 triphala tablets at bedtime

  • Go to bed no later than 10p

Day 2 + 3 Mantra:


For the next 2 days you will be working with a modern mantra birthed from Buddhist Theravada teacher, Ajahn Sumedho.

“Right now, it’s like this” is an invitation to explore what is present. At the same time, it clearly reassures us that impermanence is hard at work. So even though the mind threatens us with the idea that “it’s going to be like this forever,” this phrase helps remind us that is simply, untrue.

When it comes to cleansing, you may find yourself feeling like it will last an eternity. Especially, right at the beginning of the journey. For the next 2 days you are invited to use this mantra to help tune your mind to the impermanence of this experience. You will not eat kitchari forever! So when you find yourself saying “no” to your favorite things, feeling frustrated that you have to cancel plans, or maybe questioning why you’re doing this damn cleanse in the first place, remember:

“Right now, it’s like this.”

That’s it. We’re not here to pretend life isn’t hard. We’re here to embrace every aspect of the experience - the easy and the hard stuff.

You chose to be here! You’re doing an amazing thing for your mental, physical and emotional health by taking a step back and reassessing what in your life actually nourishes you! Keep it up!