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The Ayurveda Spring Clean

There are two official cleansing seasons in Ayurveda, and Spring is one of them. Here’s why:

As the temperatures undulate and the rain falls, the rivers are full and the earth is muddy. Kapha Dosha, which has gathered over Winter, is liquefying and needs somewhere to go.

The urge to “spring clean” is a reflection of this natural cycle, as removing the excess in our mind, body, and closet is crucial to a successful season ahead. If we do not clear out the old to make way for the new, we risk weighing down the our future self with sickness, unresolved vision, and procrastination tendencies.

Thursday, April 11- Saturday, April 20

Join Jenna Wolf and Stephanie L. Brown for a guided 7 day Ayurvedic cleanse (with prep days) that encompasses not only your diet, and daily routine but also your physical space. 

Since we know cleanses can be daunting, we will begin many necessary preparations in the weeks leading up to the event. Together we will clean out life's proverbial junk drawers, get clear about our intentions for the coming season and commit to letting go of those things that no longer bring us joy. 

The Ayurveda Spring Clean Includes:

  • Opening Ceremony | Thursday, April 11 - 615-815p at The Lotus Room 

  • 7 day guided cleanse with daily routines, grocery lists, recipes, daily inspiration + self inquiry

  • 60 minute relaxation Massage + 30 Minute Sauna at The Lotus Room to be used anytime during the month of April

  • Ritual Box of Ayurvedic products to support your experience

  • Closing Ceremony | More info coming soon…

. : $275 : .

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