Chia Rose Limeade

Imbibe your taste buds and bring that fiery Pitta Dosha back to balance with our newest Summer recipe!

Packed with active Ayurveda approved Ingredients including chia seeds, rose petals + limes this delicious drink cools and hydrates the body.

Sip it as is or freeze it into popsicles.

Also goes great with organic agave tequila...

|| Active Ayurveda Ingredients ||  

Chia Seeds – Tridoshic and sattvic in nature chia seeds are deeply hydrating, high in Omega 3 fatty acids and help to keep the skin healthy and moisturized in Summer. 

Rose Petals  – According to Ayurveda, it’s not a coincidence rose is associated with love and romance. It balances the sadhaka pitta that governs the emotions of the heart. It’s cooling in nature and is balancing for all three doshas.

Lime Juice – Lime juice is cooling and pacifies pitta dosha while lemon juice has a heating quality. 

Himalayan Salt – High quality, high mineral salts like Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt, aid in absorption of nutrients and work as electrolytes when included in our diet.

White table salt is the culprit of water retention, edema, and bloating. 

Medjool Dates - Rich in minerals and antioxidants, dates are sweet and cooling in nature, thus pacifying to pitta dosha. They are also energizing and help to build Ojas (balanced life energy).


We love recipes that are simple + ultimately fool proof. This one can be easily adjusted according to your taste. If you're feeling wild, there is not much need for a recipe at all.

Just trust your taste buds!

|| Recipe || 

(serves 1 person)


2 cups of Water

2 Tbsp soaked organic Chia Seeds (soaked for 4 hrs or overnight)

Juice from 1 freshly squeezed Lime 

2 tsp organic dried Rose Petals (food grade) 

Pinch of high mineral Himalayan Salt (adjust per your taste)

2 Medjool Dates

Blend the ingredients together (on high) in a blender.

For a smoother drinking experience, strain pulp through a fine mesh strainer. *Recommended but not necessary*