Homemade Ayurvedic Sunscreen

The practice of Ayurveda is all about elevating our awareness

to better care for our internal + external self. 


As we transition into early Summer, it is important to revisit this intention, especially when it comes to proper skin care. 

Fact: The skin is your body’s largest organ.   

Maintaining it’s health directly affects the longevity of your life and is vital to overall happiness.

With the seasonal increase of daily sun exposure, let's love ourselves and honor our skin's need for some extra UV protection this Summer.

Fact: You can still get a tan wearing sunscreen! 

You only get one skin - the skin you’re in! Be good to it!

Additional Notes:

  1. Clean Up Tip: Clean the jar as best you can using hot water, soap and a scrubby sponge. I'll be honest though, the zinc is tough to clean completely.  I eventually gave up and saved the jar for a  future sunscreen batch. 
  2. For a longer shelf-life, I recommend keeping sunscreen out of direct sunlight. 
  3. This sunscreen is somewhat, but not completely waterproof. Re-apply after swimming, sweating and spending time in the sun. 
  4. This recipe has an SPF of about 30 - add more Zinc Oxide to increase SPF.
  5. REMEMBER: Sunscreen is great but Awareness is your best protection from harmful sun exposure. Cover up, bring a hat and stay hydrated!